Miley Cyrus' LOL Flick Can't Be Tamed In Europe!

Miley Cyrus' LOL Flick Can't Be Tamed In Europe!

Miley Cyrus LOL Overseas
Miley Cyrus’ recent film LOL may not have been a Party In The USA for the singer/actress, but it seems it was a hit elsewhere in the world!
The flick, starring Miley and Demi Moore, made only $46,500 in the States during its opening weekend in early May…and wasn’t even screened for critics!
However, it seems the coming-of-age movie faired far better over in Europe, in countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland, where it's been reported as a MASSIVE success!
Very interesting indeed!
In Scandinavia, LOL grossed $1.6 million, which is a pretty big deal for such small countries, and theaters are STILL screening it!
Our source tells us that Miley has a “very large and loyal” fan base over in Scandinavia and that the film’s “European feel” probably also helped contribute to its success!
See, Mileybird — it wasn't a complete flop!! YAY!

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