Oscar Pistorius. (All of you who have taken money from him, all of you who have improved thanks to Oscar, he deserves your support)

First I have to say sorry for my english. I need to write a few sentences about the recent event in the news on the planet. Oscar Pistorius accused of premeditated murder. If you want to speculate if it was really true or just a confusion for thinking that there was a thief in his home.

I am very devastated, confused and sad. I realize that I do not know this man personally but I rely on what we all know of Oscar.

For me he has been an inspiration to change my life. Now I practice sports, I participate in races and I stopped smoking, he has given me the strength I needed to get started. I know I'm not the only person in the world who feels this and that changes your life, because without knowing he has given them strength. Others do not know what they might do and Oscar has been his role model.

He has fought to be one more, to remove barriers between people, to done that is not a problem to be disabled, because we are all disabled, but very capable of many things we can not imagine.

His followers on Twitter, 40,000 more in two days, all with Oscar. I do not know what happened, I do not really care. I want to be a little selfish and do not want to lose him, get up in the morning and see what's new, how many people need him to keep going because Oscar is his role model. Has he made ​​a mistake?, How many lives has improved? How many lives will not change if Oscar is not with us?

He is a person that many people need, really believe that Oscar will do it again? That will be wrong again? I would rather have all the good that has given and has to give. His new foundation, motivation ... is a product that is being handled by many. Not going to fight for every benefit that has given Oscar?, to find another and it's over, we're all garbage bags.

I do not justify a death, my condolences to the family. But Oscar, I'm with you, I do not believe in God, but I pray every day for justice values all your actions, and not just a mistake in your life. Strength to your family.

As hard as it may seem Oscar, do not abandon us, be strong, you have our support. Whatever you need .... I do not want to think getting up tomorrow and hear that you could not fight anymore. An encouraging hug and love.

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