Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions:

The various techniques for attaching the extensions
The extensions are placed with four main techniques of fixation:

Extensions Keratin hot or cold

One of the techniques practiced today. To increase the length and volume of the hair, the stylist fixed with keratin, a product that "sticks", an area with several hairs (natural or synthetic) with a lock of your hair. The glue dots "fused" with heat or cold (with ultrasound) should be located at least one inch of the scalp.

Hair extensions tissue

With this method not placed tufts, but hair bands. To fix them, the stylist has two options
1 - Une tufted with plastic staples entire strip of hair (photo)
2 - Make a braid attached to the head and then "sew" or weaving hair band (natural or synthetic) on the braid to create a "curtain" with hair.

Extensions clip

These extensions are also placed with a purpose "curtain" and laying down some "clips". The advantage is that, this time, your friends or you shall be the stylists! Just take a strand of hair and then set the.

Extensions Braids

This technique allows trenzándolas set extensions to the natural hair. This method is becoming increasingly appealing to European, although women with afro hair are adopting the technique for a long time.

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